Do You Inherit More DNA From Mother Or Father?

Inherit More DNA
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When the father’s and mother’s genes meet, the genes will unite and produce new genes. The genes that come together then determine your shape, color, and physical appearance. So, if there is the question about do you inherit more DNA from mother or father, let’s read the article below.

In the study of genetics, there are two genetic traits, dominant and recessive genes. Genes that are dominant are genes that usually appear more often in a person’s body. Therefore, if you want to know what DNA is more dominant, you can find out through several body organs, such as:

1. Hair Color

Children will inherit hair color that tends to be dark from their parents. So, suppose you have black hair while your partner has blonde hair. Then your child will tend to have black hair too. This also applies to eye color.

Even if your partner has blue eyes, your child will not have the same eyes as his father. This happens because the color of your eyes tends to be darker.

2. Color Pupils

Dark eye color is indeed dominant, but a child may get a gene that is recessive-recessive. It is passed down from his grandmother or grandfather. Eye color is determined by how much melanin or brown pigment is on the iris.

Someone who has dark eye color may actually have blue or even blue in the eye. But the most numerous and dominating is the dark color. Therefore, a child who has a different eye color from his parents and other siblings may have a recessive gene.

3. Height and Weight

Research shows that genetic factors are related to height and weight. This means that the height and weight of you and your partner will affect your child’s height and weight. Some say that a boy’s height won’t be far from his father’s height.

Meanwhile, the height of a daughter will not be far from the height that her mother has. However, this cannot be confirmed and however, still, height is influenced by heredity. Although it may not be predicted whether the child’s height will be the same, shorter or higher than the parents.

4. Physical Appearance

Physical appearance will usually be more dominant than his father. Face and finger symmetry usually decreases from the father. However, for height, both mothers and partners accounted for 35%.

For example, you and your partner do not have a high posture, but your children have a high posture. Then 30% comes to his own efforts. So, the physical appearance comes not only from genetics but also from the environment and food intake.

5. Character

If you are still confusing about the question about do you inherit more DNA from mother or father, it is the last discussion. If the research concludes that almost all psychological characteristics of children are influenced by genetics, especially maternal genes.

So, oftentimes you hear “My child has the same emotional level as me,”. That might be true. Even your parents will see your reflection in your child right now. Does your child like to be dominating or independent? You will know the answer because you can reflect on yourself.

Now you know the answer about do you inherit more DNA from mother or father. You can estimate which physical features are dominant or recessive in the family by tying to photos of your family. From these photos, you can see the physical features that most often appear in your family.

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