Effect Of Slapping A Child In The Face To Know

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Do you like to slap your child if your child misbehaves? Parents must be aware of the dangers of slapping children before it’s too late. This is because there is a bad effect of slapping a child in the face.

In addition to creating trauma, it is very likely that children will become abusers for their playmates. Or worse, the danger of slapping a child can be passed on to their offspring later. Let’s get to know the effect of slapping a child in the face:

1. Psychological Disorder

Children who are often beaten and slapped will get psychological disorders. They will have thoughts on why parents do bad things to them. Thus, the mind in children will be disturbed.

In addition, children will be more depressed because they often think about it. Whereas, you as parents should have a way to calm your child’s heart and mind. So, the effects of slapping a child in the face can cause psychological disorders that endanger your child’s development.

2. Children Will Often Hit Or Slap

Childhood is a time when they easily imitate what they see. When they see people who are always smiling, children will easily smile too. If the child is more often treated with physical violence, it is not impossible they will imitate it.

Children will also apply it to others. So, children will develop into children who like to do bad things and become so stubborn. Even worse, this will create a tradition of repetitive violence.

3. Lose The Ability to Resolve Conflicts

If you often slap your child, then the child will lose the ability to resolve conflicts. This can happen because they will assume that violence can solve all conflicts. So when there is a conflict, what they think is how to respond with violence.

In fact, children must have the ability to resolve conflicts properly. They must know that there are many ways they can do to resolve a conflict. Therefore, if you don’t want your child to have weak resolve conflict ability, don’t use violence on your child.

4. Interferes The Bonding of Children And Parents

The effect of slapping a child in the face can also affect the bond between parents and children. This is because children already feel afraid of their parents. Of course, this is very hurtful to both of them. Children will feel scared when they want to start a story with their parents.

They will be afraid that their parents will slap them as punishment. In fact, parents have to protect children and listen to all the stories. So, if you often slap your child, then the child will never want to be close to parents again

5. Children Will Feel Inferior

Other people’s perceptions of themselves will build a child’s self-image. if parents often slap their children, then they will feel weak and helpless. On the one hand, parents are seen to love them, by meeting all their needs.

But on the other hand, violence by parents also carries a wound that will not heal in a long time. This will cause confusion in the child and they cannot determine their own value. Children will also find it difficult to defend themselves from bullying as adults.

Those are the effect of slapping a child in the face. The effect is, of course, harmful to you as a parent and your child. So, avoid slapping your child even though your child made a mistake. Try to give understanding and give examples of good acts to them.

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