Eulogy For A Grandmother, Here How To Make It

Eulogy For A Grandmother
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It is sad to lose someone that you love, even though she is your grandmother. For some people, the grandmother is someone that really influences their life. So, as a grandchild, you might have the privilege to give a eulogy for her. If you are a little confused, we want to help you by sharing tips on how to make a good eulogy for a grandmother here. Now calm down yourself, just believe that your grandmother will hear all of your words later.

Before you make your formal speech, it is better for you to understand what eulogy is. So, you can give the best last present for your grandmother. A eulogy is a speech that speaks about moments of the person who died. Remember, you don’t have to be a good writer, because all you have to do is capturing the essence of the memory together. Indeed, it might take your heart and your tears. But it should be sweet to flashback and memorizing your moment with her. If you still feel hard, then see the steps to make eulogy for a grandmother below:

1. Make Your Time to Reflect

As we mentioned before, a eulogy is about memorizing. Thus, you have to take time to reflect on what was done behind. Let yourself travel pass your consciousness. Some people do something that comforts themselves, such as laying inside the blanket, listening to music, or seeing the photos. Do anything that can take back the memory for a while.

2. Write the Memories and Feelings

Now it is time for you to start. Take your pen and paper, sit down, and try to write. It is okay not to make a flourish sentence. Just be honest with your feeling, let it out, then everything will be revealed. Once you see the tears, don’t hold it on. The more you let the memories go, the easier you to write.

3. Make an Outline

Actually, you can skip this step if in the previous number you are successfully writing the complete text. But sometimes when you reread, you might think it still needs to be revised. So, this step requires you to write the outline. The basic outline is opening, main topic, and closing. Yes, we know it is not as easy as people think. Thus, make details for every memory that you want to share. Remember, every single little thing is counted to be shared.

4. Take a Deep Breath

We also already remind you about writing the eulogy. It really takes your heart and feelings. You might be “drained” after this. But don’t be worry, have a break time before you continue writing. Collect again your energy before finishing your speech text.

5. Review and Revise If Needed

Before you read in front of people, you need to read again the text. Make sure that it is not too long and too short. Also, you have to confirm all the memories you want to share is already written. If you want to revise the text again, then have your time. It is about your love with your grandmother.

Eulogy for a grandmother should be the sweetest thing to hear from the grandchild. Never think whether your speech would be touching or not. As long as you read the text with full of your heart, just believe that your grandmother receives your love there.


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