Healthy Lunch Ideas For Teenager Easy

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Teenager
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Lunch is a good time for your teen to fulfill the needs of his body. Therefore, you as a parent must prepare healthy eating. However, sometimes you are confused about what healthy lunch ideas for teenager.

This is because teenagers usually have a changing food reference. Moreover, they prefer practical food but with a familiar taste. Here are 5 healthy lunch ideas for teenager you can try:

1. Chicken Baguettes

Teenagers like to eat practical foods, like bread, or tacos. However, as a parent, you must continue to feed him healthy foods even if they are practical foods. One of them is you can try this menu. You can serve this menu with chicken breast, baguette sandwiches, and fresh vegetables.

Furthermore, you can use carrots, cucumbers, and lettuce leaves on this menu. Mix everything with seasonings, like vinegar, caster sugar, and sweet chili sauce. Besides being healthy, this menu is also easy for you to make.

2. Pasta Salad

Teens definitely need enough carbohydrates because they do a lot of activities. Therefore, this food is perfect for your teen. Try to cook pasta as your child’s carbohydrate intake. In addition, mix the pasta with tomato pesto, black olives, plum tomatoes, and basil.

As a protein, you can add salami or meat that your teen likes. Mix everything thoroughly and add mozzarella cheese to add to the deliciousness. This dish is very healthy and has carbohydrate and protein intake, which is important for your teen’s growth.

3. Turkey and Apple Sandwich

This lunch menu is very easy for you to make. You even only need 15 minutes to make this lunch. The main ingredients, you can prepare the sliced turkey and whole wheat bread. For the filling, you can add honey, mustard, and apples.

Mix the filling and spread the mixture on the bread. Layer the apple and turkey thoroughly. If your teenager likes vegetables, you can add various kinds of fresh vegetables to it. This food is very practical and your teen can take it to school lunch.

4. Chicken Pita Sandwich

Almost all teenagers love sandwiches. Not only practical, but these foods are also healthy and the filling is so varied. Your teen will get everything your body needs in one meal. Starting from carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, to yogurt. The first thing you can do is preparing pita bread.

You can prepare the chicken breast that you have seasoned with salt and pepper. After that, add vinegar and sprinkle chives. To add freshness to this dish, mix cucumber and yogurt together. Place the mixture and the marinated chicken breast in pita bread.

5. Baked Macaroni

You are certainly familiar with this dish. This dish is so delicious and healthy too, perfect for your teen’s lunch. Although it takes a long time to make, this dish is very easy for you to make. The longest process is when you roast it.

However, you will not be disappointed even though cooking for a long time. It is because your teen will like this dish. Your teen will be healthy because this dish contains protein such as milk, eggs, and minced meat.

Now you do not need to be confused anymore to prepare lunch for your teens. You can cook one of the healthy lunch ideas for teenager. Thus, you can adjust the idea according to your teenage preferences.

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