Maternity Leave For Fathers, Things To Know

Maternity Leave For Fathers
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People know that maternity leave is special for every mommy. It is a privilege for them to take care of their babies. Each country has a different rule, but at least they have three months off. Surprisingly, in another country, the government gives this special day to the fathers too. Maternity leave for fathers is also popular as paternity leave. It is a period of time when every dad helps the mom to do some domestic things while having quality time with the family at the same time.

Maternity leave for fathers is quite different from the mothers’. The mother still gets a salary during the period, while some companies have a certain policy for the fathers’. Several companies only guarantee the position, so when they come back, they can work like before. But the others have a better policy that the dad is paid and still have the position. For further discussion about this issue, you might see what we have below:

1. Eligibility

Not all men are right to get this privilege. There are requirements that decide a man is eligible or not. For sure, that man must have his own baby. Surprisingly, sever countries or companies put a special case for same-sex parent and child’s adopter. They also give paternity leave for the man once he requests it. But, this is still not common, moreover, in the country where religion becomes the main issue.

2. Equality Issue

One of the reasons why maternity leave for fathers is made because of the equality issue. Indeed, giving birth and breastfeeding are only able by the mother. Seeing how hard those things, people raise an issue for equality parenting. The moms hope the dads are able to help, at least taking care of the baby while the moms doing another thing. Also, this happens because some men feel excluded from the family’s role. Thus, the open-minded companies were discussing this policy and gave it to their employees.

3. Remove the Stigma

Still related to the previous issue, paternity leave erases the stigma of women at the same time. There is an issue about gender equality, not only in the family’s role but also in the workplace. Companies that apply paternity leave policy have better productivity than the ones who are not. It minimizes the gender gap, moreover when the company gives full-paid to the dads.

4. More Commitment

There are studies that have proven if the men who take paternity leave are more responsible and commit. It is probably because when they are at home, they do baby care things, like feeding, changing a diaper, and many more. This raises them to keep more responsibilities. Then, when they are back to work, they are able to handle more responsibilities because they used to deal with many things before.

5. The Dilemma

However, even though the condition seems ideal, not all paternity leave is very useful for men. Another study has also proven there are still dads who didn’t help much at home. The moms still do all the things. That why several companies still think about the urgency of making this policy. They are afraid this is not really useful, then it is better to let the employee keeps working at the office.

Above all, during the time many companies respect the role of the dads. So, you can find the workplace announced this good news. However, maternity leave for fathers has not been used very well. In the US, the number of men who take this privilege is still low.

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