Pale Yellow Stool Toddler, What Caused It?

Pale Yellow Stool Toddler, What Caused It?

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All the things about kids including their stool can be a sign of something happen to their body. Pale yellow stool toddler has been a great problem which causing panic to a lot of moms. To reduce the worry feeling here is some probability that may cause the pale stool.

1. Consuming Some Fatty Food

Fatty food can cause a pale yellow stool toddler. When your toddler’s stool is pale yellow you can remember what did they eat before. Remember what they have eaten the day before especially after the last normal colored stool. If there were any fatty food consumed.

Or more fatty food than another day consumed before the pale yellow stool comes, then probably the cause of those pale colors is from the fat. But if there is no fatty food consumed you need to evaluate for the other reason.

2. Colored Food

Toddler seems like have a simpler and clearer sign to evaluate. The yellow stool also can happen because they eat colored food. Just like when they eat red dragon fruit, their stool will be redder or purple. Then if they eat something with synthetic yellow color, they still may become yellow too.

3. Eating Some Medicine

Pale yellow stool also happens sometimes when the toddler is eating some medicine. For example ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Some toddlers will release the rest of the medicine through a pale yellow stool. So if the medicine is not important anymore or the sickness has gone, stop the medicine directly.

Don’t forget to ask the doctor if you want to give toddlers some medicine. Because of the sickness not too bad, the doctor may not give any prescription.

4. Liver Problem

Further, the more serious things you have to worry about us the liver condition. The yellow color comes from the bilirubin from the liver. If the pale yellow stool goes for a few days you need to come to a doctor. Especially if those 3 things mentioned before doesn’t happen to your kids.

Liver problems may caused by several things. But as soon as you know what the disease, you will know how to cure it faster. Sometimes liver problems also come with some other sign. For example, more fatigue, or vomiting. So when your toddlers are looking easier to get tired, have darker urine, and vomiting, please visit a doctor soon.

5. Pancreatic Problem

Another problem that can happen to your toddler is a pancreatic problem. If there is something wrong inside the pancreas, the stool may turn into pale yellow or look more fatty. It happens because that problem can disturb the digestive process. The food has moved too fast to the gut before digested perfectly.

So the beneficial content inside the food cannot digest well. To take care of this condition doctor will give some medicine or certain therapy depend on what the toddlers need. Actually, the pale yellow colored stool can be handled easily. But moms and dad need to know the reason first.

Don’t be panic and evaluate well. See whether the toddler’s temperature increases or showing some worrying signs like fatigue or vomiting. Those are some probability behind the pale yellow stool toddler happen as a mom, you have to know it and find a way out.

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