Questions To Ask Your Future Husband!

Questions to ask your future husband
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Marriage is a beautiful thing to start. But also, it is challenging at the same time. You will have a new life with the other person that absolutely different from you. Thus, before your feeling gets deeper or both of you walk too far, you might need a list of questions to ask your future husband. Well, indeed, it sounds funny. However, it is one of the anticipations of unwanted things that probably happen in the future.

One of the keys to a good relationship is openness. So, when you are discussing the things below, whether you and your partner must be open-minded. Here are the questions to ask your future husband. Remember, don’t expect all the sweet answers from all the questions. You have to prepare yourself for the uncomfortable feeling. That is why enjoy the process and your quality time together.

1. How Did Your Parent Grow You Up?

Yes, it is the first sensitive topic to be discussed. Talking about parenthood is not always easy. Moreover, some people are avoiding talking about their parents. Many reasons for it, one of them is might be because of the unhappy experience with their mom or dad, or even both of them. But this is necessary to know. Just in case you will get a child, then you can predict what kind of dad he would be.

2. Have You Ever Been Betrayed?

This topic is not about the ex. Open your mind because this could happen from friends or the family inside. Discussing this topic also doesn’t mean you want to cover up the past bad memories again. Talk to your partner smoothly. Make sure that you really understand what he feels and show your empathy.

3. Do You Have Debts?

The other sensitive topic is about money. Indeed, he might think don’t need to be this open about his finances. But, are you sure you want to get a jackpot of his bill once you get married? We don’t think so. That is why being open about financial conditions is necessary. You must be fair too when you have billed it is better to be revealed.

4. How Did You Face a Bad Time?

Every people have a different way to come their sad. Some people need a me-time, going outside, or having fun with friends. Why you need to know about this because you can overcome when he faces a bad situation. Don’t be surprised when he becomes your husband. Because he already told you about this earlier.

5. What Do You Think About Spiritual or Religion?

Perhaps not many couples think about this thing. But for the other conventional couple, they still keep their spiritual or religion strongly. When you meet this couple, then don’t be surprised when they are very strict in choosing a partner. It is not bad because it depends on how they bring value.

Actually, there are still many questions to ask your future husband. You can make the list or just let it flows in your quality time. But, when you make a list, ensure that it doesn’t seem strange or offends them.

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