Toddlers Refuse To Eat, Here Are The Reasons





Toddlers Refuse To Eat, Here Are The Reasons

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Sometimes, toddlers refusing to eat anything for a while. And even it is always happening, again and again, mom will always feel confused too. To let you stay calm when toddlers refuse to eat, here are some things you can try to do.

1. Let Them Feeling Hungry

When toddlers refuse to eat, giving a rest is a must. Don’t push them to eat too often when they are refusing some food. Just let them take the time. Not only toddlers, but the adult is also feeling like he doesn’t want to eat anything. And we don’t want to be pushed right?

So be patient, give them more time. Let them feeling hungry and asked for food. Maybe they will ask for some milk. If it happens try to offer them their favorite food before drinking some milk. If they still refuse, they might be just don’t want to eat a lot and only want to drink. Give them a little amount of milk. Maybe a half of the usual.

2. Give More Fresh Fruit

When the weather is hot, the adult doesn’t like eating and rather choose to drink or eat some fresh food. Toddlers as a human feel that too. So if the weather is hot and your toddler is refusing to eat, try to give them fresh or cold fruit. If they like you can mix it with yogurt. Fresh fruit will make them stay healthy and make them hungry later. You also can make the fruit into a popsicle, mix with juice, and etc.

3. Make Some Cute Food

When your toddler is already going to school or can choose between something cute or not, making cute food will be a great thing to do when they refuse to eat. There is a lot of tools you can buy online. Make them a mickey mouse waffle, or simply cut their bread into a cute panda. Give a little decoration too so the whole place will look more interesting. You can see a lot of ideas from Japanese bento. Japanese mom likes to decorate their kid’s meal.

4. Let Them Choose What They Want

The next thing you can do is let them choose what they want. Instead of pushing them to eat bread or sandwich, you can offer them to make their own food in the kitchen. Or you can let them choose what they want to eat in a supermarket. This does not only make them want to eat, but also teach them that food is so varied, and making food is not easy.

So later when you cook for them, they will appreciate it more. They will know that eating something need some process, from buying them, cook the meal, then be delicious food in their table.

5. Check the Teeth and Mouth

Then, the important thing you must do when your toddlers are refusing to eat is checking their bodies. Especially their mouth and teeth. Some toddlers don’t like to eat sometimes, because their teeth are ill or still growing. Some toddlers also refusing to eat when there is a sprue in their mouth or tongue.

If it happens, give them more vitamin or medicine if they need it. If it is the first time these things happen, you can go to see a doctor. Having kids is never easy. There must be a new thing every day, or some bad things happen repeatedly. But, as a mom, you will do anything for them even if you are already tired.

When toddlers refuse to eat, you probably feel frustrated or sad. This is normal, but just try to stay calm. Because when you are panic, they will be more panic and refusing almost anything. Be cool and let them do what they want for a while.

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